Trip to South Sudan and Northern Kenya…

Last month I (Jamie) had the opportunity to accompany a medical team from Hope 4 Sudan to Kapoeta, South Sudan.  The rainy season was in full swing, so traveling was quite difficult.  We were not able to reach all of the destinations we had planned, but the team was still able to conduct 2 medical clinics reaching over 200 people.  While there I was also able to conduct People to People Updates for the sponsored children.


Since my flight passed through Lokichogio, in Northern Kenya, I stayed for a few days to visit the feeding program in Loki and Kakuma Refugee Camp.  While in Loki, I had the opportunity to meet with a group of 20 ladies from the church that were interested in starting a Shanga (Beadwork) shop.  They are very skilled in making beautiful beaded jewelry and crafts.  We decided to support them in their business venture by offering a start-up loan to these women.  We know that this small business can provide these women with additional income which will benefit them and their families, which include many of the children at the feeding program.  We are very excited about this venture!  We also had an early Christmas celebration.  Each child received a People to People T-Shirt, a Children’s Bible, and sweets.  We also had a large feast for the community.


I also visited the feeding programs in Kakuma Refugee Camp.  The ministry is continuing to grow…currently reaching over 300 children in 6 different locations every Sunday.  The different churches offer a meal to children after sunday school.  I visited two of the locations, having visited the main location in May.  One of the churches (Locholedome-Kakuma Phase 3) is a true “children’s church.”  The 80 member congregation is predominantly comprised of children.  They come to the church because they know they will find food and love there.  The pastor, Uwimana Verediana (pictured below in pink), is doing an incredible job reaching out to the needy children in this community.

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