Christmas is Coming!

Christmas is just around the corner! Last year we had an amazing Christmas with all of the People to People partner feeding programs around Kenya (to see recap of last year’s Christmas Project, click here: Christmas 2016 Update).

We have met with all of the local directors of each project and determined what the greatest needs are for this year. We will be hosting a Christmas party for each project, as well as providing each child with a gift. Here is a breakdown of the plan (for snapshot, scroll down):

There will be a special Christmas meal at three orphanages: Hosanna Children’s Home, Huruma (Mercy) Children’s Home and Nakuru CMD. Hosanna has requested new (basic) school uniforms and shoes for each child. Huruma has requested new school shoes for each child. Nakuru CMD has requested new school uniforms for each child. This will be 100 pair of shoes and 132 school uniforms!
The students at Calvary Christian Community School Ruai do not meet during the month of December, so we will celebrate with them during the last week of November (on American Thanksgiving holiday). We will provide each child with a new school backpack filled with food items for their families/caretakers, since many of them depend on the school feeding program to supplement meals and will lose this benefit during the month of December. This will be 180 backpacks and food bundles.

At the feeding programs in Northern Kenya (Lokichogio and Isiolo) we will have a special meal (in January in Loki), as well as a gift for the children. The children in Lokichogio have requested mosquito nets (and school fees for 9 High School students, if possible).  The Isiolo feeding program has requested new shoes and school textbooks . This will be 110 mosquito nets and new shoes and textbooks for 40 children.

People to People will also be providing funds for gifts for over 70 Pastors’ children in Kenya.

We would also love to bless the directors and staff of these projects that work tirelessly to provide safe, loving, environments for these children. So any excess funds will be used for this.


The total cost for this is going to be around $8,000. These funds will provide:

-a special Christmas meal for around 500 children
-100 pair of shoes
-132 school uniforms
-180 school backpacks
-food gifts for 180 families
-shoes and textbooks for 40 children
-mosquito nets for 110 children
-funds for gifts for 70 pastors’ children
**Amount does not include supplemental gift for directors and staff, or school fees for Loki High School students.

If you are interested in making a contribution to support this project, it will be a huge blessing. Every donation given, no matter how large or small, will help bring joy to hundreds of children. Help share the love of Christ this Christmas! (There is a delay on receiving funds, so if you choose to contribute, please shoot us an email so we can expect it: Thanks!)

To make contributions, use this link: Dunning Project Account (IMPORTANT: Choose MINISTRY option in Account drop down menu)

Or mail checks to:
World Missions Ministries
Attention: James/Jessica Dunning
PO Box 12609
Oklahoma City, Oklahoma 73157
Check Payable to : I.P.H.C. Memo: Dunning Ministry Account #11521M

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