Current Project Needs

We have several projects that are on the horizon, that we are excited about, but they require funding that we don’t have…..yet.  We believe and trust that the funding is going to come, and that each of these projects will be completed in the near future.  If any of these projects stand out to you and you are interested in making a contribution, we would greatly appreciate it.  Thanks for the consideration.

Project: Bandi Village Irrigation/Farm Project

  • Need: Well, Tank Tower, and Irrigation Lines for the Bandi Community
  • Cost: $10,000

3 years ago we began a partnership with local partner, Bocha Hussein, to start food production projects in villages in the Tana River Delta of eastern Kenya.  This area is prone to extreme drought, as well as periodic disastrous flooding, so the needs of the community are extreme. These projects provide water, sustainable food production, empowerment, and dignity for the women and men of these communities. They also provide wonderful opportunities for the love of Christ to be shared. At this point, we have food production projects in 4 different communities, but the word of these projects has spread throughout the region, so more and more requests have been made. The next community we plan to start one of these projects is Bandi, a community that we have worked with over the years through disaster relief and food aid.

Project: Tana River Community Toilet Project

  • Need: Elevated Toilets for the Community
  • Cost: $800 (for one elevated pit latrine)

One of the communities that we partnered with in Tana River County is in need of several, elevated pit latrines throughout the community.  This area is prone to flooding.  In the past, the issues that flooding brings have been exacerbated by the overflowing of latrines mixing with the standing water, leading to highly unsanitary conditions and sickness.  A few years ago, we provided an elevated latrine, and it did not overflow during recent floods.  The community elders have requested several more to be positioned throughout the village.  This is a need we would love to be able to provide for the convenience, sanitation, and dignity of the people, but also because we want to honor the request and the trust put in us by the Elders.  All of the work that  we do in this community encourages our partners (the team of local missionaries) that live in this community.  It is because of them (their work, commitment, and the sacrifices they we have made over the years) that we are even in a position to work, and be welcomed into, this community.

Nakuru CMD/Pistis Ed. Center Windows Project

  • Need: Window Repair in Classrooms
  • Cost: $650

The school building at Pistis Ed. Center is in major need of renovations.  The first area we hope to address is replacing several busted window panes throughout the building.  Nakuru is an incredibly dusty place (I have been told that Nakuru actually means ‘dusty” in Masai), so windy days make the learning environment less than ideal, as dust comes through the windows.  Also, it is impossible to keep the classrooms clean.  We want these students to have the best learning environment possible.

Project:  Smile Star’D Enterprise Building Extension


  • Need: New Building for
  • Cost: $13,000

Smile Star’d Enterprise is an amazing organization started by our partner, Alice Mwangi. The enterprise creates sustainable, reusable sanitary pad kids for young girls in order to help them stay in school. They also provide education on feminine hygiene in local schools. In order to meet this demand, local women are hired and trained as seamstresses. This has the added benefit of providing these women, and their families, with dependable and consistent work. The enterprise started 18 months ago with 4 seamstresses, but has quickly grown to employ 10 women. However, the current building they have is not large enough for all 10 women to work comfortably, so we want to help them build an additional structure.

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