Christmas is Coming!

Christmas is just around the corner!  Last year we had another amazing Christmas with all of the People to People partner feeding programs around Kenya (You can see a recap of last year’s Christmas Project below). Due to Covid-19, several of our partners are facing challenges that are unique to this year, so we are aiming to do all we can to assist with these needs.

This year we will be providing gifts to 420 children.  We will also have 6 celebratory meals at different locations, however, we are still in the process of figuring out the safest and wisest way to do this.  A breakdown of the requested gifts for this year is below:

Hosanna Children’s Home: New school shoes for 71 children, a monetary gift for 10 staff members, as well as a special meal for everyone.

Huruma Children’s Home:  New school shoes for 50 children, monetary gifts for 8 staff members, as well as a special meal for everyone.

Outreach Children: New school shoes for 8 children, and a special meal.

Nakuru CMD: We will be providing gifts to 70 children. The girls dorm was lost to a fire in recent months, so we are planning to make renovations to convert one of the existing buildings to a usable dorm.  We will also replace the beds, blankets, towels, and sanitary products that were lost.  We will also provide a gift for each boy, but this gift has not yet been determined (they were not affected by the dorm fire).  This will be a very expensive piece of this year’s project.

Calvary Christian School Ruai Feeding Program: New backpacks filled with food items for 220 children, as well as a new laser jet copier/printer for the school, which is needed to effectively be able to meet the government demands for Covid reporting.

Emmanuel Prep. School:  We have assisted in constructing a new classroom block so that they are able to meet the governments Covid standards for returning to school.  

Lokichoggio Feeding Program: A special celebratory meal for 150 children and community members.

Isiolo Feeding Program: A special celebratory meal for 80 children and community members.

People to People Sponsored Pastor’s Children:  A monetary gift for 65 children and their families. (PtoP typically provides funds for this).

As you can imagine, this is a costly endeavor.  The budget for the above gifts, food, and meals is $9,000.  If you are interested in partnering with us to help make this Christmas special for all of these children, we would greatly appreciate any amount! 

You can click here to do so: Please use the “Dunning Jamie Ministry” Account box on the bottom left.

Christmas Project 2019 Recap:

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