An Update on Tana River Projects

As you know, we have had the opportunity to start 5 different irrigation/agriculture projects in partner communities throughout Tana River Delta over the last several years. These communities are fairly isolated and frequently suffer from a cycle of extreme drought/flooding. Our partner, Bocha Huessin, lives and works in this area, sharing the love of Christ and finding ways to advocate for, and assist, these communities. Through our partnership with Bocha, we have been conducting relief distributions in this region for many years, however, we wanted to find a way to invest in the community in ways that provide meaningful work, food security, access to water, and dignity. These projects do just that. To be clear, we are only a part of the success of these projects. Bocha’s commitment and dedication to these projects and people is impeccable. Below is an update of how each project is currently doing. In addition to these benefits, these projects also open the door for deeper relationships and opportunity to share the love of Christ. We are also planning a 6th project in a community called Mtampani within the year!


The project in Gardeni is being managed by a woman named Fatuma and her team of 10 other women. They primarily use the project to grow tomatoes, kale, spinach, and lentils. As a committee, they have decided to sale all of the produce they harvest, set a portion of money aside for future plating, and divide the remaining income between the other households (52) within the community. The men in this community were not as interested in the project, so Fatuma and her team took ownership. This is a project that blesses the entire community. It empowers these women with dignified work, and also gives them to means to bless and serve their community. The recent floods were extremely high and water covered the farm, but fortunately, they had just harvested. They have since returned and replanted.


This project is managed by a Christian woman named Halima. She uses the farming project to generate income, provide relief to the community, and as an avenue to disciple woman that work on the farm. They primarily grow kale, spinach and tomatoes, and also distribute the produce to the most vulnerable members of the community. They have also saved money and purchased goats and are now doing goat farming as well!


This is the first project we ever started. It has been going for 4 years now! It has faced difficulties over the years, but continues to overcome these challenges to be a regular source of food for the community. It is managed by a local Pastor, Noah, and his family. However, there isa possibility it will be handed over to the community for management. They have just planted tomato, kale, and okra seeds in seed beds, and will transplant them in the coming month.


This project was started a few years ago, and it has had major challenges. Shortly after completion a hired tractor accidentally damaged most of the irrigation lines, which have not been able to be repaired. Even with that, the water in the well and tank is abundant, so they are still able to farm the 5-acre plot. This project is managed by Charles, Lucy, and a local missionary team that resides in the village. They predominantly grow maize and lentils. The crops are sold to generate income to help sustain the team that resides there, and the reaming supplement the local school feeding program and is distributed among the most vulnerable within the community.


This is our most recent project. Unfortunately, just as the construction was starting, the floods came and delayed progress. However, at this point, they have returned to their homes, construction has finished, they have planted, and crops are growing. This project is managed by a group of young adults that have trouble finding meaningful employment. They are using this project as an income generating activity, as well as to provide a portion of each harvest to the most vulnerable members of the community.


This is our next project site! This project will be managed a female leader and elder in the community named Maria. She is an incredible woman with a tremendous faith in the Lord and a passion for her community. This project will help to provide a reliable food source for this community, and well as meaningful work and employment!

If you are interested in supporting this project, you can do so in the following ways:

To give on-line go to:

Use this link: Dunning Ministry Account (choose “Dunning Jamie Ministry” Option further down on the page.)

To send donations by mail:

  • World Missions Ministries
  • PO Box 12609
  • Oklahoma City, Oklahoma 73157
  • Attention: James/Jessica Dunning
  • Ministry Account #11521M

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