Egypt: Day 6-8

The last 3 days of our time in Egypt were spent in Sharm El-Sheihk on the Red Sea Coast.  We haven’t been posting the last few days because they were charging an exorbitant amount of money for Internet in Sharm.  Sharm is a major tourist city and is most popular with European vacationers (Speedos….Speedos everywhere).   We started each day with breakfast and then a few hours swimming, laying out and reading by the pool at our hotel.  After pool time we would walk over to the promenade where there were dozens of restaurants, cafes, and shops running along the coast.  We would find a nice little spot for lunch and then spend the afternoon exploring the Red Sea, either swimming in the clear blue water or taking a glass bottom boat ride to see the amazing coral life.  After a few hours at the beach we would head back to our hotel, take a nap (Jamie) get all dolled up (Jessica) and go out for dinner.  We mixed it up each night between Seafood, traditional Egyptian, and American (Hard Rock Cafe).  We would finish each day sipping coffee at Starbucks along the promenade while chatting, people watching, chatting about the people we were watching, reading, and even working on a little Grad School (Jess).  It was a very relaxing few days and a wonderful way to end our time in Egypt (even though Sharm felt a lot more like America or Europe).   As we type now, we are sitting in Cairo Airport awaiting our flight back to Nairobi.  We had a wonderful time in Egypt and highly recommend visiting to everyone.  Here are a few or our highlights from the trip:

1.        Mt. Sinai Sunrise

2.       Pyramids/Sphinx (obviously)

3.        Nile Falluca Ride

4.       The view from our room at Wadi El-Raha

5.       Good Egyptian food AND good American fast food

6.       Relaxing by the pool and sea

7.       Starbucks served coffee in mugs (tastes so much better when it isn’t in a paper cup)

8.       Lying in bed watching TV (We know, this one sounds trivial but the only TV we have in Nairobi is our DVD collection and we definitely don’t have a TV in our bedroom.  It was nice to lay awake aimlessly surfing the channels).

9.       Free Tea in shops!

10.   The People…the Egyptian people are incredibly kind.


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