Calvary Community School: Chicken Project Update

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We haven’t posted in a while, but that is what happens when school starts back up.  We get busy and the blog gets neglected.  Things are beginning to settle down though, so we wanted to post a quick update on one of our current projects.  If you have followed the blog in the past you know that we are working towards starting a chicken project at Calvary Community School in Ruai to create an income generating project for the school.  We have been supporting the school for the last 3 years with monthly food donations for the feeding program, but this project will hopefully give the school the income to be self-sufficient so that our support can go towards more long term upgrades.  We visited the school on Sunday to deliver the food, check on the status of the project, and to attend the morning service (and Jamie got to preach….surprise, surprise).  The project is off to a great start!  The first building/coup is completed, 500 chicks have been purchased, and they are growing every day.  We also constructed a room where a caretaker, Nelson, will be living and watching over the chicks (added bonus…it gives him a bit of a monthly income and a place to live).  The start up is quite expensive (coup, chicks, feed, feeders, heaters, immunizations, heat lamps, etc) but in 5 months the chicks will be ready to begin laying eggs, and that is when the school will start seeing financial returns.  We are very excited about this project and at what it is going to provide for the children of this school.

One area of need that we currently face is the construction of another coup/structure.  The current structure is large enough to house 500 chicks, but can only accomodate 200 adults.  So within the next 5 months we need an additonal structure to house the other 300 chickens.  When we decided to purchase the chickens we decided to purchase 500, believing in faith that we would be able to build an additional structure within 5 months.  We have faith that the finances will come, as several people have already made pledges to support this project.  If you are interested in supporting feel free to click on the “Ways to Help” link at the top.  If not, no worries, but please lift the students and community of Calvary Community School Ruai in prayer as often as you think of it.  Asante Sana…

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