Dunning Guy’s trip to Kenya…

After living here nearly 5 years, we’ve really gotten to a point that this feels like home in a lot of ways.  The main thing that is missing is seeing family on a regular basis.  So we were extremely excited when the Dunning guys (Papa, Uncle Dwayne, and Rayf) decided to come over for 9 days in early October.  It was Dwayne and Rayf’s first trip over, and Papa’s second.  Since we are in the middle of the school year we had to juggle work and taking days off, but we were still able to give them a whirlwind trip of visits to a few of our school/orphanage projects and local churches (Pastor Dwayne preached), boat/walking/driving/and camping safaris (they saw white rhino, hippos, giraffe, zebra, impala, gazelle, waterbuck, hartebeest, cape buffalo,  baboons, vervet monkeys, variety of birds, and a hyena even visited our camp), international cusine, a matatu trip downtown for Dwayne, and of course video game battles between Rayf and Uncle Jamie.  Rayf even spent one day being a 3rd Grader (which he is) in Mr. Dunning’s class.  Oh…and they also met Barack Obama (see photos).

Sophie and Ethan loved having their Papa, Uncle, and cousin around for the week…especially since it was Ethan’s first time meeting them.  We love our life here, but even more when we get to share it with our family and friends from home.  We are so thankful that they found the time to come.

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