We are going back to Kenya!

This past weekend we were in Dallas, TX, for General Conference and School of Missions. It was a great time to connect with old friends, build new relationships, and gain wisdom from leadership and other missionaries. While there we also received confirmation of our field of service and were given our detailed job description. We are very excited to announce that we will be returning to Kenya. We will coordinate People to People projects in Kenya as well as pioneer a sustainable development program. We also have a vision for beginning a micro-finance loan program for pastors and church workers in Kenya. We are very excited about the vision we have. In many ways Kenya feels like another home to us….after living there for 5 years and with both of our children being born there…it has a huge place in our hearts. When we decided to pursue a life as career missionaries we thought that it would require a move away from Kenya, but we are thrilled that God has opened the door for us to return.

Dunnings 2

2 thoughts on “We are going back to Kenya!

  1. That is cool, we prayed for Gods will and we believe that that is the will of God. We shall never stop praying for you guys

  2. Woohoo! We’re so pumped around here. Now if you could only hurry up and get here before two years…Sorry for so little communication- had family here for a month. But now back to the serious business of gaming and commenting on your blog :). Really, we’re thrilled for the news. (Today Penelope looked at the bandaids on her leg and said “I’m Sophie Dunning. She always has band-aids” :). You’re not forgotten).

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