Finding Our Groove…

We have now been back in the States for nearly 3 months and we finally feel like we are settling into a bit of a routine. After nearly 3 months of settling in and figuring things out, we feel like we now have an idea of what our lives will look like during our time here. Since being home we have had the opportunity to speak at 6 different churches/events in NC and SC, attended General Conference and School of Missions in Dallas, and attended Campmeeting services in NC and SC. We have already driven over 3,500 miles…all with Soph and Ethan, who have been simply amazing at rolling with everything. God blessed us with 2 amazing kids.

In addition to traveling, speaking, and fundraising, we have also settled into new jobs. Jessica has been blessed with a position at the Falcon Children’s Home, working 4 days a week as the Director of Marketing and Fundraising……I am staying home with Sophie and Ethan (Have you seen Daddy Daycare?), organizing our travel and speaking schedule, preparing for our speaking engagements, and representing our family at periodic missions meetings and meals. I will also be tutoring three afternoons per week at Falcon Children’s Home, and substitute teaching in nearby schools occasionally, as our schedule permits. I have also been grateful for the opportunity to assist my Dad with his work (Falcon Woodcrafters) a few times a week…it is great having the chance to spend that time with him.

We are enjoying the home we have in Falcon, NC. We are right beside the town park and are a short walk from my parents….from being 8,000 miles to away to 300 ft. away. My brother and his family also live nearby. We have also been fortunate to have already had several occasions to spend extended amounts of time with Jessica’s family. We are enjoying seeing family and friends often and are trying to make the most of it while we are here.

This coming weekend we will be traveling to San Jose, CA, to see our close friends, David and Iniray Luper. Not only are they dear friends, but they are also two of the most generous and giving people we know. We are so grateful for them and we can’t wait to spend a few days with them in CA.

Our travel schedule is coming together, but we do still have a few openings in October and November. If you are interested in having us share at your church, small group, home, school, or any other event…please get in touch with us.

We are only at the beginning of this journey, but we have already realized that it is a journey that requires great faith…and we have already seen countless examples of God’s providence. We do want to extend our gratitude to Kingsway, Culbreth Memorial, East Marion, and Rehobeth P.H. Churches, and the young adult small group of Fayetteville First Baptist, for inviting us to be with you. We were blessed by each of you and are grateful for for your encouragement.

Also…Thanks to Pablo Avila ( for designing our support cards!
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One thought on “Finding Our Groove…

  1. Today Penelope said, with a huge grin and much excitement, “Can we go camping with Sophie and the Dunnings and her baby????” I could hardly break it to her… so hope you guys can make a camping trip in 3 weeks :). Just kidding. I guess none of us can still quite believe you’re gone. Glad you’re finding your groove on that side of the world. Post more pics soon! Love from all of us…

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